Standing at Headfort Bridge.
Standing at Headfort Bridge.

My name is Lucy O’Reilly and I am a certified Local Tour Guide in the Heritage Town of Kells, County Meath, in the heart of the Boyne Valley, and in what is referred to as Ireland’s Ancient East.

I love history, and that of Kells in particular, and love nothing better than to show visitors around our wonderful place.

I have a tour base in Market Street, Kells, where I run daily walking tours on the monastic site.

I am currently running a Crowdfunder with Kickstarter to achieve the following aims:

– Marketing & uniforms

– Authentic monastic and medieval garb for the visitor experience

– Investment into wireless audio equipment so that visitors, especially our older ones, can hear clearly without the background disruption of traffic noise

– A coach service running once or twice a week, picking up tours from Dublin to Kells for a full day in the town

– Research and development of The Kells Trilogy, a digital recreation of the royal, monastic and medieval (walled town) phases of the town of Kells, in association with Rex Lee who produced the video “Kells: A Monastery in a Time of Trouble

The idea is to make the Kells Experience a sustainable and long term venture, and a meaningful visitor experience in the heart of the ancient monastic site.  I have one employee on the JobBridge programme who starts today, and I aim to turn that into a full time job within a year.

Show us your support by donating on Kickstarter!




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