making hay in kells all weekend

Thanks for visiting Niall and writing such a great blog about the weekend!

The Fluff Is Raging

I spent a wonderful weekend of songs, stories and laughter in Kells at the Hay Festival Kells.


The heritage town was filled with writers, musicians and artists, including Hanif Kureishi. We strolled around town with discussing the Book of Kells, medieval round towers, Brehon laws, and Cromwell. I don’t have many claims to fame, but I can now say that I explained the origin of the term Beyond the Pale to Hanif Kureishi.

han I had been up until four in the morning in a lock-in working, but Kureishi wisely had an early night, so while he looks like a contented, successful author, I look a shambles.

We also talked about Brexit (it was the day after the result). He’s distraught. “When are you heading back to London?” I asked him. “We might just stay here,” he responded, only half-jokingly, I think.

Did you know that pole-vaulting was invented in…

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