New – The Afternoon Salon with the Kells Experience

AfternoonSalonAs the tourist season winds down, our glance strayed to some of the lovely books and items we have for sale in the shop and we thought – wouldn’t it be a nice idea to chat to some of the authors/creators on a winter afternoon?

The Novice is Missing.... and So is the Convent Bike
The Novice is Missing…. and So is the Convent Bike

To coincide with that, one of the authors did contact us and ask if she could do a reading in the shop, and so one Thursday afternoon in late August, Katey Moreland, author of “The Novice is Missing….and so is the Convent Bike” came in and delighted us with her stories of escaping from a convent.

And thus the Afternoon Salon was born.

This afternoon we have Thomas McNulty, author of “Exiled: 40 Years an Exile Long Time Away from Kith and Kin” giving us some choice bits from his book.  This is in a different direction altogether, and a review says that “McNulty’s story offers a social insight, not just into Northern Ireland’s “Troubles”, but every conflict we see around the world today. It is a story of the people, not the powers that be, and the decisions ordinary decent people are forced to make in the face of circumstances most of us cannot even imagine.”

Pounding Praying PlayingNext month, on Thursday 15th October, we have Dr. Liam McNiffe reading from his book, “Pounding, Praying and Playing”, a personal overview of the ‘no-frills’ boarding experience which is completely alien to a generation of Irish people. He says, ‘My primary aim in writing this book was to ensure that the boarding experience, lived by tens of thousands of boys in Ireland in the latter half of the last century, be recorded for posterity. In particular I wanted to record what life was like as a boarder for all the pupils who passed through my alma mater, St Patrick’s College Cavan.”

Later on, on Thursday 29th October, we have the Urban Witch, Suzanna Knight, demonstrating natural skin care and telling us about her Urban Witch Urban_Witchrange.  Something slightly different!

Keep an eye on our FaceBook page to be reminded of all these events, and see you somewhere down the road!


One thought on “New – The Afternoon Salon with the Kells Experience

  1. That’s a great idea! I’ll have to drop in one day. Best of luck with it, its great to see local authors being supported this way, I hope it is very successful!

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