Once in a (Blue) Moon Walk of Kells – Friday, 31st July!

Once in a Blue Moon

It’s almost time for another full moon – and this time, it’s blue!

By modern definition, a blue moon is a calendar quirk, the second full moon within a month. The next blue moon will occur on July 31st – and the last full moon was on July 2.

The phenomenon occurs once every two or three years. The last one took place on August 31, 2012. After this month, there won’t be another Blue Moon until 2018.

Why not don a cardigan and come for a Full (Blue) Moon Walk on Friday, July 31st, starting at 9:30 p.m. from the Market Cross? We stroll through the town and learn its history, medieval, monastic and much more!

€8 per person including refreshments afterwards in Kiernan’s, Market Street.

The Brook of Kells

Heritage WalkLooking out the window at the rain this morning – what a start to June!

And either a truck is driving past or that noise is the low rumble of thunder ….

Nevertheless – undaunted – we press on with our arrangements for our Full Moon Walk tonight and pray that the weather will clear up.

The walk starts at The Kells Experience Tours in Market Street at 9:30 p.m. and will end with refreshments in Kiernan’s, Market Street, kindly made by the BOOKMARKet café.  Price is €8:00 per person.

Come and circle the monastic walls with us under the light of the full moon and learn and share stories about Kells et al!

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